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16 august 2023
Architectural models play a crucial role in the visualization and design process. They serve as a tangible representation of ideas and concepts, allowing architects and designers to communicate their vision
29 decembrie 2022
The lighting of architectural models can be an essential element when it comes to achieving a successful presentation of an architectural project. It can help to highlight the essential details
14 decembrie 2022
An architectural model is a work that shows the public what something looks like in 3D. These things can be an existing building or one under construction, roads, urban plans…
06 decembrie 2022
Have you ever wondered how such realistic and amazing special effects are created in movies? Or perhaps you have been surprised by the incredible realism and beauty of the images
10 noiembrie 2022
People looking for housing, real estate enthusiasts and those interested in buying real estate for investment purposes could participate in the TNI National Real Estate Fair that started on Friday,