14 decembrie 2022

Architectural models - purpose and style

An architectural model is a work that shows the public what something looks like in 3D. These things can be an existing building or one under construction, roads, urban plans… To find out more about the usefulness of this work, you can read these few lines.

What are the architectural models used for?

An architectural model is a kind of works used to represent a project to be carried out or an existing thing in miniature and in 3D. It can have several purposes depending on the thing to be presented and the people intended to see it.

First of all, the object of the model is to represent a building to be constructed. It therefore allows an investor or the planning department to have an idea of ​​the structure of said building. You can conquer them with your model to raise funds, to have calls for tenders or to obtain a building permit. If it is an existing building to be renovated, the advantages and the purposes are the same. On the other hand, if you show the model to a designer, he can give some ideas to improve the design of the building represented. This also makes it possible to validate or not the architect's plans. Thus, your project can be realized in an optimal way.

In addition, the model is also of great use to enrich the knowledge of the public. Indeed, by placing models of ancient objects in museums, visitors will be able to know what was the state of these objects in the past.

Since the architectural model shows all the details and the context of the represented object, it would be easier for the viewers to understand what the author wants to convey. In addition, the model is clearer than the virtual representations (on projector, graphics, etc.).

What are the styles of architectural models?

An architectural model is among other things intended to conquer or persuade the spectators to adopt your project. For them to be a little more interested in it, the model must be well made. Still it is necessary that it has a particular style to stand out from the others.

Indeed, the model maker can make various styles of architectural models. You can order books all in white or in color according to your needs. Be aware, however, that a colored model is more explicit and more pleasant to see than a monochrome model. You just have to know how to combine the different colors for more aesthetics.

The style of the models can also vary according to the integrated options. Among the most fashionable, the presence of built-in lights has struck the public hard. Innovative, these make it possible to highlight part of the model during the presentation. They also give more aesthetics to the work. In addition, they are easy to handle using the push buttons. Just press the controls to turn on the light. In addition to built-in lights, moving or motorized parts are just as interesting. With these, you will have no trouble presenting and explaining the realization of your project to the spectators. As a result, it will be easier for you to convince the spectators of the project you are presenting.

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Architectural models - purpose