29 decembrie 2022

Architectural models and their illumination - how we can use them to promote our projects

The lighting of architectural models can be an essential element when it comes to achieving a successful presentation of an architectural project. It can help to highlight the essential details of the project and create a specific atmosphere around the model. 

Natural vs artificial lighting of architectural models 

The lighting of architectural models can be achieved by different methods, depending on the intended purpose. For example, if you want to make your presentation as realistic as possible, you can opt for natural lighting, using sunlight. This can be achieved by placing the model near a window or by using artificial light sources such as LED bulbs. 

You can also opt for indirect lighting by using light sources that reflect off the surface of the model. This can be achieved by using light sources positioned behind the model, such as spotlights or candles. In addition, dynamic lighting can be chosen by using light sources that move around the model. This can be achieved by using spotlights.


There are different ways in which lighting can be used to highlight certain aspects of architectural models. For example, it can be used to emphasise the massing and shape of models, as well as to highlight details such as windows or green fields. Lighting can also be used to emphasise the relationships between different elements of the layout, such as the way natural light penetrates through the windows of a building or the way the different levels of a building are connected. 

Lighting and lighting effects for architectural models

Lighting can also be used to create different lighting effects, such as accent lighting or ambient lighting. This can help to create a more realistic atmosphere around architectural models and give a more accurate representation of how the building will look when it is built. 

In general, lighting architectural models can contribute to a better understanding of the design and how the building will function in the future, both for the designers and for the people who will live or work in the building.  

It is therefore important to pay attention to lighting in the architectural mock-up process to achieve optimal results.



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