We are a team of architects, interior designers, 3D creators and builders who set no limits to their imagination. In 2017, our passion for architecture materialized into what is today Dioramas BOX, makers of architectural models, concept models, animated models, 3D renderings and presentations, dioramas and other miniatures.

We are careful and meticulous in the realization of our projects, and our experience has helped us optimize our workflow so that we can deliver faster, more efficiently, but without straying from what defines us: quality. 

This allows us to help our partners with the best possible solutions for presenting architectural projects.

Our passion for mock-ups has taken us to another level, launching us online and including real estate mock-ups. The models made have had a positive impact on both our beneficiaries and the public.

In addition to architectural models, we also produce 3D renderings and 3D printing. The workshop is made up of a team of architects, 3D artists, designers and builders who can take professionalism to other spheres.

Our goal is to provide the best solutions in making real estate business more efficient right from the design phase. We can help you with our experience, finding solutions for even the most complex projects.

However we have been in the business for a short time, we offer competitive prices below the market price and working with you is a real joy for us.  






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Architect & Technical Designer

Iustina Punga

     Architect &  Technical Assembly

Teodor Bratu

     Architect &  Interior Designer

Alexandra Vlad

Narcis Pădurariu

BLUEPRINT direct collaborator 



Ceo & Architect


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