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With rapid prototyping, your ideas and sketches can take shape. We 3D print quickly and professionally. We bring ideas to life, create prototypes and models with applicability in different fields. We make objects out of different types of plastic (ABS, PLA, Petg, PC) for architecture, engineering, custom objects, etc.


- Fast realization of three-dimensional object from resistant materials, any 3D object with dimensions between 200x200x200mm 

- we produce the 3D digital model;





3D printing in the creation of architectural models

3D printing is the most innovative method for architectural models and more. This technology has evolved tremendously, bringing printing in different forms, from classic filament printed objects (PLA, ABS, TPU, PetG) to resin printing. 


- Improves production times and minute actions;

- Printing allows the production of extremely small and detailed objects, which would not be possible with other techniques as easily;



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