13 august 2021

Why an architect?

People's lives have always depended on the buildings they built. Everything that does us good or bad, makes us happy or annoys us is also related to the places and spaces we live in. In order to build as well as possible and to configure and design spaces, people have increasingly specialised in working with the aspirations and needs of those who will use the buildings. Since ancient times this concern has been carried out by architects. More and more contributors have emerged to deal as best they can with issues of calculations, valuations, materials, building technology and building use.

Buildings are advancing by becoming green, smart, integrated or responsible. Every time, to make the result of thinking and building the best possible, you need an architect. He will seek to adapt what you want to the conditions of the place where he intervenes. It is also the architect who will talk to you in order to understand very well what he has to propose to you and then to convey to you very clearly the advantages of the project.

The architect you have chosen will make sure that everything that is put together to make the building fit in balance and harmony with your wishes, possibilities and existing availabilities, just as a conductor makes sure that the sound of all the instruments in the orchestra is the music. In this case the conductor has also composed the score to which it is played.

You need an architect, but not just anyone. You need the one who, by what he has already accomplished, gives you the hope of satisfaction. You need the one who, by the way he talks, listens, understands and proposes, gives you the assurance of things in good hands. You need the one who sees to it that all the details are taken care of and that everyone who works does it as they would like it to be for themselves.


Text: Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ

Photo : Insert Studio: Housing, Hărman




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