05 septembrie 2022

Architectural models. Top 5 reasons why they matter more than ever

For centuries, architectural design firms have used and continue to use architectural scale models to explore a concept or idea, allowing them to communicate their vision and thinking.

However, in a world where technology is everywhere, it might seem utopian to still build models, as long as you can design them with a computer.

Why do architectural model builders still rely on the manual practice of scale physical models?

1. Building models unleashes their creativity

Architects use models to bring their ideas to life in the first place. With the help of these 'three-dimensional sketches', they can easily analyse the spatial relationships of each shape or design element.

Indeed, these aspects can also be highlighted using 3D renderings or virtual reality, but only what is created with one's own hands can access the inspiration in the soul.

Making models inspires creative ideas that working on computers or paper does not.

2. Architectural models - a powerful communication tool

Different professions and industries have their own jargons, and in the vast majority of cases, it's hard to communicate ideas when people use different 'languages'.

Architectural models help designers bridge this communication gap with clients, as a well-constructed material becomes a functional and informative communication tool.

3. With models, you can anticipate construction challenges

Businesses that invest millions of dollars in a project almost always want to have a well-designed architectural mock-up in place at the design stage.

Why? Precisely because they don't want to waste time and money. An investment in an architectural model helps them to easily identify any potential flaws in the project design, risking the cost of some unidentified error at the outset.

4. Architectural models give credibility to the project

People expect to see mock-ups in large projects. When they don't exist, the credibility of the project can come into question.

It is true that a mock-up is an additional cost, but it should not be forgotten that people know that a large project needs an architectural model for many reasons. So when a project does not have a 3D model, it makes people think that something in the whole is not well thought out.

5. Architectural models - a persuasive sales tool

In sales, there's a short maxim that says: "Show. Don't tell". Building architectural models is the clear embodiment of this powerful selling principle.

This is why so many scale models appear in sales presentations.

You can view more architectural models here.


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